Keji Agbulos (Class 2027)

Cover photo taken from unsplash

Denial: Sadism

Blood and tears slowly dripping

Blind bravery in a chamber of mirrors

Of a soul drenched in mere illusions

Of a girl savoring cold rejections

Wounded, a whisper pleads for her to escape

To stop, run, choose to save herself

Yet with gaze lingering, she held another shard

Wanting to bleed just a little bit deeper

Anger: Safety Net


A sweet surprise laid upon your feet

You sighed a little to hide the slick smile beneath,

Pieces in your hands—

You run this bitter game

I’m the new pawn you used to dodge the blame

Steady heartbeats, stagnant feelings

You play idly inside your bubble

As you watch me stand, beg, and fall,

A facade of innocence

For your guilty pleasure—a dirty little secret

Close your eyes, ride the tide with glee

We don’t need labels, just you and me

With vain words as your safety nets

You left a longing soul lost in your wicked maze

Bargaining: Maybe

Maybe I’m a field without dandelions

Maybe I’m a blue sea without crisp waves

The safe space within your proximity

But never enough to give you serenity

Or maybe I’m nothing but a mess

Maybe I’m a big fuss that you detest

Maybe I’m that stain on your canvas

A careless mistake you want to be erased

Maybe maybe’s will forever be maybe’s

And never will I understand

But there’s one thing I am certain about—

Always will I wander in the labyrinth of your smile

Depression: Trapped

Am I not too naive—

To keep on wondering

Seeking for traces of you

Even though I have nowhere to go?

Am I not too blind—

To dwell inside this box

With corners filled with illusions

Chimeras of the “us” that never was

From the moment I fell

I should’ve known it’s a trap

Opaque and suffocating—

Yet there’s no turning back

From this jail of darkness

This blackhole of hopelessness

Please help me escape—

Or will I forever be trapped?

Acceptance: Afterglow

Life is not full of colors

Mine turned into a dark space

An endless void

I seem to have no place

Black holes that consume me

Pulled to a self-made dead sea

Yet the world does not hold its breath

The sun shines and the stars peek

Life is never full of colors

Paint splattered on my black canvas

Rainbows in moonlit nights

Brighter than what once was

Limitless—as free as I now am

Finally leaving your traces behind

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