BAKBAKAN XIV: Men’s Basketball (CM vs. CD | October 28, 2019)

by Abdelaziz N. Maldisa (Class 2022)

CM’s hoops team scored back to back victories in UPM’s SSWC, notwithstanding freak weather that led to game cancellations in the erstwhile “weather-proof” court. In a game played against the College of Dentistry, CM initially trailed by 3-0 in the opening minutes. Coupled with strong offensive play and crucial shots by Gerona (MD’22) , the score went up to 9-3 in favor of CM. Dent significantly narrowed this lead with a burst of shots and points from the free throw line to 10-9, in favor of CM. The first quarter ended with a CM advantage, 13-11. The gap widened considerably in the 2nd quarter, rallied by veterans Tesorero (MD’22) , Gan (MD’22), Dizon (MD’22), Vega (MD’24), and Tiu (MD’20). The 2nd quarter ended 25-15 in favor of CM. Macatangay (MD’23) opened the 3rd quarter with a 3, with Tan (MD’22) and Meguizo (MD’24) scoring crucial points widening the score to 36-19, CM advantage. The fourth quarter saw Enriquez (MD’22) with a long shot for a 3 sealing off a stellar run for the CM team against their hapless opponents. The game ends 49-31 in favor of CM. 

JC Tesorero (MD’22) finished as Player of the Game with 8 pts., 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals. Closely trailing also with 8 pts. , 3 rebounds and 2 steals is Aaron Vega (MD’24) as well as Martin Dizon (MD’22) with 8 pts., 3 rebounds and 1 steal.

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