BAKBAKAN XIV: Football Club Medisina ties game with CAMP

by Mark Teo (Class 2023)

Kicking off Bakbakan XIV with an intense game, CM’s futsal team faced against CAMP’s on October 3, 2019 in the UP Manila Sports Science and Wellness Center.

CM’s Football Club Medisina (FCM) had Team Captain Romeo Urgel, Bea Constantino, JR Sta. Maria, Julian Buban, Goalkeeper Nathan Gan, Jaz Togonon, Anna Serrano, Hanna Ho, Tomy Paulino, JR Castor, Abot Monroy, Josiah Arceno, and Pauline Aviquivil playing for the game.

CAMP has Team Captain Eliot Holgado, Steven Uy, Gio Lorena, Goalkeeper Russell Aguilar, Kayla De Quiroz, Miguel Carreon, Angelo San Jose, Earl Cervantes, Luigi Son, Joshua Santiago, Sophia Salise, Hannah Cruz, and Mari Andal.

In the first half, FCM immediately went for the offensive, but their attempts to score were consistently held off by CAMP’s defense. After multiple attempts to score, Julian Buban scores the first goal of the game, bringing the score to 1-0 in favor of FCM. After FCM goalkeeper Nathan Gan held the ball outside of the box, CAMP was granted a free kick, but were unable to score. From then on, both teams were unable to score against each other, ending the first half 1-0 in CM’s favor.

CAMP intensified their offense in the second half. Goalkeeper Gan managed to repel most of their scoring attempts, but CAMP team captain Holgado was eventually able to score a goal, tying the game. Tensions were high, for the next point could mean the difference between victory and defeat, if they could make it. In the end, both teams were unable to score, ending the second half with a tie. There were issues concerning whether to hold a tiebreaker, but Bakbakan regulations meant that the final decision of the game was a draw.

Final score 1-1 (CM-CAMP)

SMILES FOR MILES: After playing a great game that kept everyone on their toes, CM’s Football Club Medisina gather for a group picture.

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