Encamp: A Night of Solidarity, Fellowship and Cupcakes with UP Agape

by Cristina Morabe (Class 2023)

Photos by JC Tesorero and Francine Lucas

In times of war, soldiers gather in the moments leading up to a battle as a way to bolster each other’s spirits, and encourage one another in light of the difficulties ahead. This year, UP Agape’s Cupcake party was made to encapsulate the same idea: that medical students entering a new academic year may experience together the anxiety of what is to come similar to that of soldiers as they prepare for war. The event, aptly entitled Encamp, took place on the night of Tuesday, August 20, 2019, wherein the diverse members of the UPCM community came together and welcomed the new academic year through a night of praise, worship, and fellowship.

The event began with a quick game of Paint Me a Picture, in which the attendees were divided into small groups and tasked to depict scenes from popular Biblical stories. Among the listed scenes were the parting of the Red Sea, as well as Joseph being sold into slavery. Participants showed off their competitive spirit, with some teams even performing lifts and pyramids to grab the attention of the judges. 

Upon completion of the game, the room was then gathered in prayer and song led by the Agape worship team. This was done in preparation for the sharing of an encouraging message by Pastor Jericho Mabansag and Dr. Jabesse Esther Miguel, who both gave brief accounts of their lives in steadfast faith and how this helped them throughout their own trials and the labors of pursuing medicine. Both attendees and organizers alike were also pleasantly surprised when, after their sharing, Pastor Jericho got down on one knee and proposed to Dr. Miguel. Following much celebration and applause, a prayer was said for the newly engaged couple, as well as for the board-takers of the September 2019 Physicians’ Licensure Exam. Attendees were then encouraged to break into smaller groups for a short period of reflection on the message that was shared.

Finally, it was time to cap off the evening with dinner and the much-awaited cupcakes, ending the evening on a sweet note. Everyone was given the chance to show off their creative sides by decorating their own cupcakes with colorful icing and sprinkles.

Throughout the night, the spirit of community was strongly emphasized, especially in lieu of the difficult field that is medicine. From the eager-to-learn LU IIIs to the seasoned clerks, interns and even teachers, no one is spared from the anxiety that comes with the beginning of a new academic year. Thankfully, all are graced with the gift of fellowship and solidarity, that each one may lift others up through the trying times. Indeed, this year’s Cupcake Party proved to be a successful way to encamp and fortify the spirits of the UPCM community in preparation for the various challenges they will be facing in the year ahead.

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