Bakbakan XIV: UPCM off to a Good Start

by Abdelaziz N. Maldisa (Class 2022)

Women’s Basketball (CM vs. CPH) Oct. 2, 2019 7PM-8PM 

Winner: CM 
Score: 18-4 
Format: 3×3 basketball, 2 rounds

CM’s debut to this year’s Bakbakan tournament bannered Sacman, de Leon, Tolentino and Hashimoto taking on the College of Public Health. Outnumbered by fans in the court, the CM team nevertheless showed heart in the opening stages of the 3 x 3 basketball fight. Setting the scene is a 10 point to nil advantage during the first half of the game, with the PH team scoring their first two points in the dying minutes for a halftime score of 12-2 in favor of CM. The second half was just as rowdy with PH improving by 2 points. However, they were no match to the dominant CM ladies, ending the game with a score of 18-4, with Nala de Leon scoring 12 points with 6 rebounds, 1 assist, and 2 steals.

Mixed Volleyball (CM v. CP) Oct. 5, 2019 8PM-10PM

Winner: CM
Score: 25-22, 25-21, 19-25, 25-17

This year’s volleyball match between CM and CP started strong for the Pharm team. Opening to a 2- nil advantage, Pharm wasted no time in an early rally against their Medicine counterparts. Building up a 7 point advantage, and cheered on by a raucous crowd, it seemed set that Pharm will win Set 1. But a late rally headed by Angobung, Fudolig, Fernandez, Ladera and Dauigoy shaved off the point advantage, winning Set 1 for the determined Medicine team, 25-22. A similar fate befell Pharmacy in the 2nd round, with CM taking the set 25-21. All was bright for CM come round 3, but a resurgent Pharm team, buoyed by shouts of “Viva! Kolehiyo ng Parmasiya” saw the set swing to Pharmacy 25-19. The fourth set featured de Chavez scoring crucial service aces , coupled with strong defensive blocking. Medicine eventually won the set 25-17, and with it the match. Jose Raphael Fudolig of Class 2022 is the Player of the Game. Congratulations!

Photo credits: Jeram Angobung, UPCM 2022

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