BREAKING NEWS: Calderon Hall Blackout

by Mark Teo (Class 2023) and Rory Nakpil (Class 2022)

Last August 5, 2019 (Monday) on the very first day of classes for the LU3 and LU4 students, Calderon Hall, their home in the UP College of Medicine, suffered a power outage around 10:45AM. Classes were cancelled by around 1PM when the power could still not be restored.

The source of problem was water damage to the main breaker that is contained in a shed behind the building. The roof of the shed is said to have corroded due to the overhanging leaves and branches of a nearby tree, allowing water into the shed, wetting and short-circuiting the breaker. This breaker supports Calderon Hall, Salcedo Hall, and Alvior Hall, and all three buildings are currently affected by the damage. The College of Medicine quickly procured a generator set for Calderon Hall to resume functioning and classes, but Alvior and Salcedo Hall aren’t getting any electricity as of now.

They have since trimmed the tree overhanging the shed, and the maintenance team of the campus is hard at work to bring the power back. Repairs are expected to be completed possibly (and hopefully) after 1 week.

Dean Chiong reassures everyone that normal power will be resumed within next 24 hours if possible.

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