MVP #6: Table Tennis Team

We’ve been to the water, to the field, to the courts, and even to the choir room, but if you think we’ve seen it all then you may have to think again. This time we’re keeping the rackets and bringing the balls back, as we’re going slightly smaller – just about the size of a table, in fact, as we feature our table tennis team.

This year, Nala De Leon from Class 2020 is leading the table tennis team. Just as we might say that table tennis is in a smaller court, she’s keeping it short and sweet. Her answers are direct and focused — qualities also needed to play table tennis effectively.

Current team captain Nala De Leon playing a game in Palarong Medisina 2018. Photo courtesy of Rio May Llanes, MD (Class 2018).

UP MEDICS: How would you describe your team’s performance in the last Palarong Medisina?

Nala: We got into the semis but fell short on placing so I think we could still do better. There is still a lot to improve on.

UP MEDICS: Has your team participated in other events or competitions outside Palarong Medisina? If yes, what? If no, do you plan to change that?

Nala: No. We rarely see each other as a team and we haven’t played together a lot because of our different schedules but playing outside of Palarong Med would definitely help our maturity as a team.

UP MEDICS: What do you think are your team’s strengths?

Nala: We are chill and we just want to enjoy playing the game. No pressure. Haha

UP MEDICS: What do you think are your team’s weaknesses or areas that need most improvement?

Nala: We hardly have enough time to practice. It’s quite difficult getting a common practice time for everyone.

UP MEDICS: How long have you been playing table tennis? What made you start playing table tennis?

Nala: I’ve been playing since I was in Grade 3. Everyone in my family seemed to know how to play so I found it interesting.

UP MEDICS: Why did you decide to be Captain? How does being captain differ from the other members of the team? (Does it entail additional tasks/responsibilities or an entirely different role?)

Nala: Yes it does. You will be the one mentoring your teammates and you should never ever get tired of cheering for everyone when it’s going down to the wire. Requires a lot of mental toughness.

UP MEDICS: Do you prefer to play singles or doubles? Why?

Nala: I can play both but I find it amazing when people can play doubles really smooth and gelled. You will have to think more and it will require foresight because your play will spell a lot of difference for your partner.

UP MEDICS: Do you think you can play badminton or lawn tennis because you play table tennis?

Nala: You can play anything you want. Haha

The women of the table tennis team pose with the UP banner at Palarong Medisina 2018. Photo courtesy of Rio May Llanes, MD (Class 2018).

Sometimes, less is indeed more, and fewer words often allow us to get our message across more clearly. Getting straight to the point is an efficient way of communication, the kind needed to keep a team running too. Let’s #ShowOurSupport (#SOS) for the Table Tennis Team as they represent the college in the upcoming Palarong Medisina 2019!

Photos courtesy of Rio May Llanes, MD (Class 2018). Many many thanks to Class 2020’s Nala De Leon for taking the time to answer our questions!

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