UP Meridian Welcomes the Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig with a Week-long Celebration

by Gere Ang (Class 2022)

Photos courtesy of Markyn Kho (Class 2020), Gere Ang (Class 2022), Kenny Ko (Class 2021), Iya de Claro (2023), and Lloyd Rizada (Class 2023)

Attendees of the lecture on 31 January, 2019 on “Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture Demonstration” with the lecturer and UP Meridian’s adviser, Dr. Tan-Gatue

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, UP Meridian organised a week-long event lasting from the 30th of January, 2019, to the 6th of February, 2019, with activities showcasing the various traditional cultures of the UP College of Medicine Chinese-Filipino community.

Kicking off with the first event in partnership with Medical Students for Social Responsibility  (MSSR), a Chinese Tea Ceremony Demonstration was held on 30 January, 2019 in Paz Mendoza Hall Room 106 by the International Tea Masters Association-certified (ITMA-certified) Tea Master Rocel V. Leoncio.

ITMA-certified Tea Master Rocel Leoncio gracefully demonstrating the steps of a traditional Chinese tea ceremony with the tiny tea tongs and the tea vessels..

The different elements involved in a tea ceremony: deconstructed. It involves the brewing tray, the brewing vessel, the chahai or the tea pitcher, the tea cloth, the tea pick, the tea strainer, and the tea timer (for your perfectly brewed tea!).

Attendees of the Traditional Chinese tea ceremony with ITMA-certified Tea Master Rocel Leoncio

In the lecture, she taught the different elements involved in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, gave the attendees the opportunity to taste some samples, and sold her own traditional Chinese brews including Ancient Baked Heart, Artisan Yunnan Black Needle, and Ancient Phoenix Fermented Puer Ball.

The following day (31 January, 2019), a lecture on the Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine was held in Paz Mendoza Hall Rooms 105-107 by Dr. Philip Tan-Gatue as well as the annually-anticipated Acupuncture Demonstration.

Stating his fondness for neurology, Dr. Tan-Gatue talks about a research done that showed the presence of greater temporal lobe stimulation in acupuncture without music playing vs. in music playing.

In his lecture, Dr. Tan-Gatue talked about the history of traditional Chinese Medicine, describing it as a complete medical system based on science and facts, and happily spoke about the progress in recent years of the recognition of traditional Chinese Medicine and its place in the healthcare system.

Lloyd Rizada (Class 2023), being this year’s willing victim of the acupuncture demonstration.

UP Meridian’s president Paul Kenny Ko (Class 2021), giving the certificate of appreciation to the organisation’s adviser, Dr. Philip Tan-Gatue.

After his lecture, Dr. Tan-Gatue proceeded to the acupuncture demonstration, showing the different manipulation techniques of the needle and describing the process and effects of acupuncture.

Keeping the ball rolling for the week’s festivities, a Chinese lucky-charm knot-tying workshop was held by the artistic president of UP Meridian, Paul Kenny Ko (Class 2021) on 1 February, 2019.

Attendees of the lucky-charm knot-tying workshop being wild silly and crazy fun with the red string whilst waiting for the workshop to commence.

Finished products of the knot-tying workshop, bringing their bearers good luck in whatever endeavors!

The knot-tying workshop gave the attendees the opportunity to learn to make their own complicated lucky-charm. It is said that one should make their own charm and keep it in their wallet or bag so that they bear good luck all year round!

The Xavier Lion Dance Team in a photo-op with the Chinese New Year Exhibit in Calderon Lobby, featuring Peppa Pig to commemorate the Year of the Earth Pig.

The following week, the organisation held its culminating public activity with its annual Chinese New Year Exhibit by the applicants of the organisation in Calderon Lobby as well as its annual Lion Dance in Philippine General Hospital (PGH) and the UP Manila Pedro Gil Campus by the Xavier Lion Dance Team.

The exhibit featured the 12 Chinese zodiacs, featuring Peppa Pig as the main star of the show to the amusement of many visitors of the exhibit. Oink oink!

Staff of the Department of Neurosciences excitedly anticipating how the lion dancers will tackle the challenge of retrieving the red packet or angpao from the doorsill.

Staff from the Department of Paediatrics striking a pose with the lions.

Having crazy fun with the lion!

The lion dancers performed stunts all around PGH as well as Calderon Hall, Salcedo Hall,  etc. to entertain onlookers.

In a closing event for the members and applicants of UP Meridian, the president, Kenny Ko, sponsored 4 tubs of tikoy of different flavours for an intimate get-together in the 2nd floor of Calderon Hall.

Members showing memberhood by eating tikoy side by side, stabbing neighbouring pieces!

UP Meridian is a college-based organisation that aims to cultivate increased awareness and appreciation of the Chinese culture through meaningful interaction and cultural exchange, open to all regardless of heritage! #CelebrateYourOrientality #NiHao?WeHao!

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