Month: January 2019

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MVP #1: UP MedChoir

MVP (Meet our Varsity Players) is a series by UP Medics featuring the captains and leaders of our college’s dear varsity teams. Most people associate the word ‘varsity’ with sports teams, but by definition it is not limited to just sports. The word ‘varsity’ is defined as “the principal team representing a high school or college in a sport or other competition” in the Oxford English Dictionary. In that sense, it includes teams that represent a high school or college (or university, at that) in non-sports events, such as debates and choral or dance competitions.
To break the incomplete interpretation of the word ‘varsity’ that is predominant in our collective subconscious, we begin this MVP series by featuring the President and Choirmaster of none other than our beloved UP MedChoir. Let’s get to know our varsity teams!