UP Manila Celebrates Lantern Parade in Face of Persistent Rainfall


by Isabel Fernando (Class 2022) and Josh Christian Protacio (Class 2023).

Featured photo by Jeremy Ceriales (Class 2023)


Last December 14, 2018, UP Manila held its annual Lantern Parade at the PGH Oblation Plaza. An eagerly anticipated event, the Lantern Parade is an opportunity for each college to demonstrate their creative chops by putting together a lantern and coming up with cheers to show their love for their college. While the lanterns and parade are the main event, colleges and units also participate in Christmas tree and façade-decorating contests.


This year, it was Class 2023’s turn to shine, as they spent nights working together on a lantern that would symbolize this year’s theme of “Paskong Umaapaw sa Pag-asa: #UsadPinoy”. The lantern was a vinta, a traditional Filipino boat which was used to symbolize the nation as a whole. Lady Med (the woman of Jose Rizal’s “The Triumph of Science over Death”) at the helm of the boat, carrying a torch that lights its path, showed how medicine should be part of what leads the nation to a brighter future.


At the back of the lantern is a cracked skull which symbolized the death and destruction that the nation needs to be freed of. The focal point of the lantern was its sail, which featured hundreds of carefully rolled paper forming quilled patterns of a sunflower in front and the Ibong Adarna at the back. The sunflower was chosen because it is a symbol of hope and completion for the UP community while the Ibong Adarna flying over the skull was used as a symbolism of rebirth from death.


Class 2023 in front of the vinta’s sail on the morning of the parade (photo by Josh Christian Protacio)


On the day of the parade, however, nobody anticipated the light but steady rainfall which slowly took with it the original beauty of the lanterns, including the College of Medicine’s own. The parade through Taft Ave. and PGH was cancelled due to the inclement weather.


However, it would take more than rain to dampen the spirits of the UP Manila community, as each took their turn cheering for their unit to the sound of claps and drums.


Towards the end of the program, it was announced that judging for the lantern had been postponed, as the panel deemed the weathered lanterns an unfair basis for judging. The new guidelines were to be emailed to each college for instructions.


In the meantime, other awards were given out.


The College of Medicine (CM) won the Christmas tree-decorating contest while the Central Administration (CAD) and College of Nursing (CN) were the 1st and 2nd runners-up, respectively.


Meanwhile, the College of Public Health (CPH) won the Façade-decorating contest followed by the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and College of Nursing (CN).


The College of Public Health’s Dengvaxia lantern (photo by Fenny Quinto)


Three special awards were also given: Most Colorful group won by the College of Pharmacy (CP), Most Creative group won by the College of Nursing (CN), and the Merriest group won by the College of Allied Medical Professions (CAMP).


Days after the postponement of the judging for best lantern, the College of Pharmacy was then proclaimed as the winner for with the College of Medicine serving as 1st-runner up and College of Public Health as the 2nd-runner up.


Students from College of Pharmacy posing in front of their winning lantern (photo by Axl Ofrecio)


Note: More photos documenting the event to follow. Stay tuned!

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