Better than Coffee: Tales to Keep you Up at Night

‘Tis the time of scares and screams, and what better way to enjoy this season than to read stories that will keep you up until late into the night? After scouring the internet for the best stories to find, we’ve compiled some must-read stories to partake in the spirit of the night, if you dare…


JE Mariano, 2023:

There’s nothing like a good horror story to keep you awake, no? Because with the lights off and your eyes closed, who knows what twisted, lucid images your mind might conjure unbidden?

So from the eerie to the gory with a dash of mindf*ck, here are some select pieces from creepypasta and reddit r/nosleep for the next time you want to pull an all-nighter – without the need for caffeine.


The Minimalist –

It’s a slippery slope.


Autopilot –

I…did not see that coming.


A Package Marked “Return to sender” –

I thought I had this story figured out. I was wrong.


The Soul Game –

Ah, peer pressure. Choose your friends wisely, folks.


NoEnd House –

The perfect bedtime story, this one.


A Shattered Life –

So this one isn’t actually disturbing (I swear), but it makes you think.


Josh Protacio, 2023

*trigger warning: gore, child abuse, explicit suicide*

Squidward’s Suicide

One of the most popular creepypastas, Squidward’s Suicide centers around a gory supposedly unaired episode of the usually lighthearted show Spongebob Squarepants. The original version of this pasta has some grammatical errors but nonetheless, after reading it, you’ll never look at the beloved clarinet-playing octopus the same way again.


Tina Morabe, 2023

Dear David –

Have you ever heard a creak in the middle of the night that gave you the creeps? Or maybe misplaced an item that you were sure you kept elsewhere? Did you ever let yourself wonder who or what has been behind these odd incidents? In the case of writer and illustrator Adam Ellis, it was apparently an unwelcome “roommate” — the ghost of a child with a misshapen head — that was the cause of the unsettling activity in his New York apartment. Eerie noises, terrifying apparitions, and even dangerous encounters with the paranormal are all documented on Ellis’ Twitter feed, with photographic evidence and even videos of the strange incidents. It’s a thrilling read, but we must warn those who live alone: you may want to find a roommate as soon as possible.


Nikolai Tubog, 2023


One of the longer pieces in the list, “Borrasca” is a slow-burning four-part saga about Sam, Kimber, and Kim, three friends in Drisking, Missouri—a small, picturesque town which initially seems peaceful and perfect, but is plagued by the regular disappearances of its populace. These tragedies, though unsolved, seem to be connected to an age-old urban legend and mysterious noises emanating from the nearby mountains. When Sam’s sister becomes the latest victim, the three friends attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery—but what they discover is far more sinister and depraved than their initial predictions. It’s a story that may need more than one sitting to get through, but the ending sticks and lingers long after you finish the fourth entry.


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