Iya de Claro (Class 2023)


sometimes, i still miss you.


when i look at the stars shining brightly in the darkest of night skies, i remember those nights we wasted talking to each other about anything we found relevant.


when i find the time to stare at the vast, aquamarine sea, i remember the wave of emotions you took me on. i was capsized by my love for you.


when i first notice the gleam of the sun in the morning, i remember the warmth i found in your eyes. you never failed to illuminate my day with just one look, one smile.


you were my picket fence. you were my everything. i am grateful for so much.


for the countless nights you spent calming me down. frightened as i was of the world, i found safety in your virtual embrace.


for the journeys you took me on. we sailed far and wide, went on adventures so great. i still remember them to the very last detail.


for being brave enough to talk to me that one fine morning. unexpected as it was, we became the greatest of friends.


i never thought i would find someone like you. you were an oasis in the driest of deserts and sometimes, i still miss you.


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