That One Time Humugot ang Medics: a Series of Six Word Stories

Louie Dy

Exam bukas! Uy, powernap muna! Zzz…


Mark Teo

Could you ever forgive me? Seen.


Diego Nathaniel D. Mina

Another day, another way. Try again.


Katrina Bolanos

White pants. Red stain. Fucking sh-


Gere Ang

mom, wake up. please. zombie mom


JE Mariano

I love you. Saved to Drafts.


Isabel Fernando

“It’s fine,” she said. It wasn’t.


Janelle Uy

Sana walang pasok bukas sarap matulog


Leandro Salazar

You came at the right time.


Lordom Grecia

She thought she found her calling.


“Things are different now.”

They lied.


He just wanted to be remembered


Lorena Osorio

Tomorrow will not be any better.


Jom Kimpo

Finally, my life’s perfect…Now what?


Paul Kenny Ko

The looming darkness has consumed me.


Josh Christian Protacio

Daily News:

Missing kids,

Drug raids


Harold Joshua De Guzman

Cookies on table

Beyond best before


Rosewynn Salvan

Dry your eyes. Pursue our dreams.


Jerieka Nicole Isabella Fernandez

He fought well. It wasn’t enough.


Sean Austin Moreno Sy

Hello, darling.

I miss your goodbyes.


She neededwantedhad someone better.


I’m better now.


I am.


Cristina Morabe

Door closed,

finally alone.

Mask off.


Rabbiah Dispo

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.


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