The Spooktober Series

The CAS Entity (from several medical students, CAS students) ART by GIO GRIÑO

Lira (not her real name), an eyewitness reported that she passed through the 3rd floor fire exit in GAB to meet her friends. The passage was quite cold, but after all, it was night time. Upon arriving a little late, her friends greeted her coldly, with averted eyes. She felt confused and throughout their activity, felt increasingly tired and drained. On their way home, far from GAB, her friends told her “sorry kung medyo weird kami kanina, may sumusunod kasi sa’yo.

Multiple reports exist of an entity — tall, looming, with disheveled hair that stalks the third floor of GAB in CAS. It is known to situate itself in the fire exit, latching onto those who decide to pass through the area, and draining their energy.

The NIH Poltergeist (from several medical students) ART by ALJOHN GONZALES

Notice the chill around NIH in the night? The guards are often seen making rounds outside the building rather than inside the facility itself. Those that stay late into the night have reported objects of varying sizes falling over for no apparent reason. Doors are flung open, and tables and chairs are dragged out into the hallway. Banging, swinging, whooshing. Violent sounds in the dark of the night. I wonder about the chill around NIH in the night.

The MICU Child (from several Interns and Clerks) ART by ALJOHN GONZALES and PATRICK ALTAVAS

Within the ward, there is a Sto. Niño statue with a pair of children’s shoes, white in color, neatly placed under it. A child is thought to roam the medicine ICU, coming to pick up those who are about to die. The child is known to appear during the call for a code, sometimes bumping into trolleys or trays of materials. People have noticed that for no apparent reason, only the things that were placed low were moved around, these jostled objects being oddly cold. But perhaps the oddest thing is that if you were to look for the pair of children’s shoes, white in color, they may not be there during the call for the code.

1972 Theatre’s Spectator (from LU4 student) ART by RORY NAKPIL

If you sit in the technical room in the 1972 theatre, you may spot the figure of a person with their arms crossed, leaning against the wall in the corner of your eye. If you turn to look at them, the figure is gone. Don’t let it bother you, try to be as attentive to the lectures and presentations as the extra spectator.

Arturo Garcia Hall’s Invitation (from Intarmed students, medical students) ART by RORY NAKPIL

Second floor Calderon possesses a room known as “the Harry Potter Room”, down a staircase beyond CH 222. At night, it is known that the door to the room opens spontaneously and out comes a red-orange balloon, sometimes a basketball. It would appear that some of us are invited to come play.

Ophthalmology Call Room (from a Class 2018 student, several Interns and Clerks) ART by JOSH PROTACIO

Although the duty team is a team of one, it may well be that one is never alone in the Ophthalmology Call Room. Multiple reports of the door and locker opening and closing on its own, followed by a chair being pulled from the table and the sound of someone sitting down, pulling the table to themselves. The sound of tapping on the table surface, as if someone is sitting there, thinking, waiting with you as time passes. Another interesting account is that of those who sleep in the call room all having the same dream. At least you can take comfort in the fact that there is the possibility that you’re not alone.

The Tricksters of Lara Hall (from a former PH major, currently a medical student) ART by GIO GRIÑO

Guards report seeing mysterious people playing on the stairs, riding on the shoulders of people, and running up, down, and around those who are making their way up. There was an account of a door opening up into a complete and total void, the building that was supposed to exist beyond it, nothing but blackness with an overwhelming fear overcoming the witness when she was confronted with it. There were multiple accounts of staff members interacting with faculty and students on days that they had supposedly not come in, the suspicion being, that something in that building is capable of taking the form of another. There are multiple accounts about a variety of entities, but they all appear to be within the vein of pranking and trickery. It seems that there is something strange in Lara Hall.

The Final Goodbye (from a consultant in PGH) ART by PATRICK ALTAVAS

A surgeon called for an OR was running through the hallway when a nurse grabbed his arm, gently to speak with him for a minute. Familiar with one another, they had a very brief, friendly exchange, ending with the nurse getting up, starting to walk in the opposite direction that the surgeon had initially been running, and saying “goodbye”. The surgeon politely returned the “goodbye” and sprinted towards the OR to find the very same nurse with whom he had been talking flatlining on the table. They had been trying to resuscitate her for the past 30 minutes. Unfortunately, she did not make it, but at least, she said goodbye.

The GAB Roofdeck Whistler (from LU3 student, CAS graduates) ART by JOSH PROTACIO

Former CAS students who’ve spent late nights making props in the GAB Roofdeck have reported feeling chills and and hearing whistling tune near the bathrooms and fire exit. Often, the tunes are soft and morose like those of the old kundimans. One graduate has even said that he saw the whistler and described him as a kind-looking young man dressed in a barong standing near the bathroom doors. It is speculated that he is a suitor whistling sad songs because he is still waiting for his beloved to join him in death.


Watching Over (from LU7 student) ART by RORY NAKPIL

When walking down the stairs in Calderon Hall, it is highly recommended that you watch where you’re going and focus on the steps in front of you. It has been said that if you look up, there will be quite the number of faces looking back at you. If you were to count, it would be about as many as there are cadavers in Dualan Hall.

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