Peach and Red

Peach and Red

Sean Cua (Class 2021)


black nights seem to swallow me whole

creating a sense of

dread. and wrong.ness;


it smiles, a simple spell that haunts



tiny hair


when you stare into the abyss

        the void threatens to swallow you



“Hey,” a dawn of peach skies basking itself atop the crimson lighthouse at the edge of the cliff calls out to me. Pink and red look at me ever so warmly, and a song of tomorrow springs towards my heart. Trickle by trickle, it pours and pours until the sweet melody overflows from my cup, the sludge of darkness now permeated by a kaleidoscope of natural hues. I see their hands beckoning me towards the glow of a brand-new day.


And I peek back into the deep, my fingers no longer grasping at the empty air.

Thank you.


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