One’s True Nature’s Annual Rainbow Party: A Celebration of Inclusivity, Identity and Self-Expression

by Gere Ang (Class 2022) and JE Mariano (Class 2023)

Photos courtesy of One’s True Nature and Gere Ang


Having to step through the wads of caution tape that marked the entrance of MSU, one was instantly intrigued as to what could have been transpiring across the door. Once inside, the tie-dye rugs overlaying the floor, the Pride flag strewn across the couch, and Diana Ross blasting through the room said it all. Welcome to the Rainbow Party!


Last October 12, 2018, One’s True Nature (OTN) members and applicants partook in a night of good food, fun company, and engaging activities during the organization’s Rainbow Party, held on the second floor of Bobby dela Paz Hall (MSU).

The Rainbow Party is OTN’s annual acquaintance party, aiming to introduce the organization’s culture and activities to interested students. The setup of the party was cosy and casual, with pastel sheets strewn across the floor and on which students gathered in a circle. Classic Pride hits from the 80’s and 90’s played loudly through the speakers throughout the event as the students munched on colorful root chips and DIY s’mores.


Attendees enjoying good food and great company


As the night’s emcee, Rapsy Fudolig (Class 2022) formally welcomed the attendees and commenced the event.


Rapsy Fudolig (Class 2022), commencing the event


Jerry Alejo (Class 2016), one of the organization’s founders, graced the occasion and recounted the founding and history of OTN, enlightening and inspiring new and prospective members.


Jerry Alejo (Class 2016), one of the founding members of OTN, recalling the history of the organisation


Another of the organization’s founders, Jeremiah Torrico (Class 2017), joined the event and mingled with the students. In an icebreaker entitled “Marvelous to Meet You”, the attendees took turns drawing M&M’s from a cup, with each color corresponding to a particular question they then had to answer. Questions ranged from the basic (favorite food and hobby) to the more revealing (most embarrassing and wildest experience), eliciting responses unexpected, amusing, and borderline scandalous.


Attendees sharing a laugh over a more juicy confession


Maita Fernandez (Class 2022), sharing her most embarrassing moment


Following the game, membership head Julia Esma (Class 2022) enumerated the application requirements and encouraged non-member attendees to join OTN.

The participants capped the night by posing for a group photo, proudly brandishing the organization’s logo and the Pride flag.

One’s True Nature is a college-based socio-civic student organization committed to the promotion and protection of human rights, especially health for all, regardless of a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity and expression (SOGIE).


The OTN logo alongside the Pride Flag, symbolizing what the organisation stands for


Some of the Rainbow Party’s attendees


Members Jecelle Masula, Jade Marcos and Jeram Angobung (Class 2022) having a little fun


Ace Yorobe and Julia Esma (Class 2022) sharing a cosy moment

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