UP Meridian Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with a Feast of Food and Grand Prizes

By Gere Ang (Class 2022)

Last October 9, UP Meridian members and applicants got the opportunity to win several prizes as the organization held its annual dice game at the second floor of the Bobby dela Paz Hall (MSU).

The cultural event was held in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a harvest festival celebrated by the Chinese and Chinese-Filipinos every 15th of the 8th month of the lunar calendar.


Rules of the traditional dice game


With the traditionally-played dice game, students were able to win several prizes including: wind tunnel boosters for the top prize; Muji notebooks and pens for the 2nd prize; Valentino watches and salted egg mooncakes for the 3rd prize; Miniso staplers for the 4th prize;  purple sweet potato chips and alarm clocks for the 5th prize; and penlights, pull-on ID clips, and Snicker bars for the 6th prize.


Prizes won in this year’s UP Meridian Mid-Autumn Festival Dice Game

The battle for the top prizes, termed as “Zhuang Yuan” in Chinese, was tight as people fought for the two spots, but the positions were eventually won by the lucky Matthew Ong (Class 2024) and reigning Christine Tan (Class 2022) with their winning dice combinations.

Matthew Ong (left) and Christine Tan (right) with the top prizes of wind tunnel boosters


Matthew Ong with his winning combination of five 4s and a 3


Christine Tan with her winning combination of five 4s and a 6


In line with the celebration, students were also able to feast on a wide selection of mooncakes, dark chocolate cookies, lumpia shanghai, and hopia, as well as on the consolation prizes of original White Rabbit edible-wrapper candies, dark-chocolate filled wafer cones, and several chocolates.

The night ended with UP Meridian members and applicants going home full, content, and excited for next year’s anticipated fight for the top prize (as well as the Muji pens and notebooks!).

UP Meridian, the first Chinese-Filipino organisation in the university, is known for its “kasabawan” and fun events where there are always abundant prizes and food!


(Photos courtesy of UP Meridian)


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