UPCM Administration Seeks Student Feedback Through College-wide Survey

by Cristina Morabe (Class 2023)


Last October 3, 2018, the Office of the Dean of the UP College of Medicine, in partnership with the Medicine Student Council (MSC), released a college-wide survey for student feedback on multiple facets of the College of Medicine. This project, initiated by Dr. Charlotte Chiong, dean of the College of Medicine, is co-headed by Armando E. Chiong III and MSC Secretary General Jose Mayo V. Viray, both of Class 2021.

The survey covers a wide array of topics.  Students were asked to rate the quality of facilities, performance of the faculty and staff, the mentorship program, and the curriculum and workload of each Learning Unit. Students were also given the option to answer a non-compulsory questionnaire that assesses the current state of students’ mental health needs. Furthermore, students are also asked to share their individual study habits and preferences, as well as their thoughts on possible career options and programs for further training in the academe. The survey ends with a few questions regarding awareness on the recently-signed Anti-Hazing Law, and a request for students to familiarize themselves with its tenets.

According to the statement released by the MSC, the construction and dissemination of this survey aims to give the current administration as well as the MSC itself “a deeper grasp of the current issues and concerns faced by the [students].” Data gathered from this survey will hopefully provide  aforementioned bodies with the necessary details as they plan and execute their respective initiatives for the College of Medicine.


As of 11:00pm October 9, 2018, around 360 students have already answered the form.

The survey is coursed through an online platform, and is accessible on the MSC’s official Facebook page.

Link to survey: tinyurl.com/UPCMSurvey2018

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