HiMEDSikan 2018 Officially Concluded: Champions Crowned for Futsal, Men’s Basketball, Ultimate, and Volleyball

By: Hanna Ho (Class 2022) and Lordom Grecia (Class 2021)


The Medicine Student Council’s Sports and Wellness Committee successfully held the third and final day of HiMEDSikan 2018 on Saturday, 06 October 2018, at the UP Manila Sports Science and Wellness Center.

The final day of the annual sporting event of the college included the last few elimination games for men’s basketball and the championship games for all the sports: men’s basketball, futsal, ultimate, and volleyball. The women’s basketball games were also scheduled for the last day, but had to be cancelled due to unavailability of the players.


Men’s Basketball

Admin vs. LU6/7

The day started with the remaining eliminations games for men’s basketball, with the match between the Admin and the LU6/7 teams going first. This match was a make-or-break for both teams, as the winner would face the LU4 team in the championship later in the day.

The admin started out strong, grabbing an early lead at 11 to 4. They continued to keep up their game with Sir Kelly shooting baskets in a row, bringing their score up 19 to 6. The first quarter ended in favor of the admin, 21 to 8. The clinterns kept up their fighting spirits, rallying to catch up during the second and third quarters, but the admin put up a fight and ended the third quarter at 55 to 28 in their favor. The admin kept up their amazing team effort and eventually took the game with an incredible 78 to 38 lead, advancing to the finals against LU4 for a chance at the championship trophy.


The UPCM admin team was supported by friends and family members as well. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


LU5 vs. LU3

The next men’s basketball game was between LU5 (Class 2021) and LU3 (Class 2023). This was  a non-bearing game, as LU4 had already won two games in their bracket. Nonetheless, the teams fought hard and gave their all. The LU5 team had Julian Buban, Empol Caldito, Emil Cano, Sean Cua, Jen Montemayor, and Rey Vicoy, while the LU3 team consisted of Jeric Conjares, Matt Hernandez, Earl Mabulay, Abot Monroy, and Gabriel Montemayor.

The game started slow, and the first quarter ended with the teams tied at 6. Class 2023 kept up their plays and were able to pull away by the end of the first half leading 19 to 11. Not to be deterred, Class 2021 upped their game. With Cano scoring a 3 and Buban finally catching a break, they were able to narrow the score gap, 18 to 20, but still in favor of LU3. The LU3 team showed consistency, leading 27 to 22 by the end of the third quarter. During the fourth quarter, Hernandez was fouled and got 3-point play. Cano was fouled as well for a three-point opportunity, but he missed the free throw. The LU3 team prevailed and won the game, 34 to 29.


The LU3 (Class 2023) men’s basketball team (left to right): Gabriel Montemayor, Jeric Conjares, Matt Hernandez, Earl Mabulay, and Abot Monroy. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


The next game in the schedule was supposed to be the first game of women’s basketball, but it was instead used as a break for the players before the championship match.



The Men’s Basketball Finals was between the UPCM Admin and LU4. The LU4 team consisted of Class 2022’s Myco Cabuco, Martin Dizon, Nathan Gan, Roy Gerona, Justo Santos, Steven Tan, and JC Tesorero.


Class 2022’s Roy Gerona catching a pass for a fast break. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


LU4 started strong and grabbed the lead with their excellent plays and teamwork, ending the first quarter in their favor, 23-5. The second quarter saw more aggressive plays from the admin, but the first half ended with the LU4 team leading 32 to 15. The admin fought to catch up and close the gap, but Class 2022 maintained their lead and ended the third quarter with a 54 to 28 lead. Excellent plays were made by both teams in the final quarter as a last push for the championship title. Unfortunately, the LU4 lead was too big and the admin was no longer able to catch up, and Class 2022 ultimately prevailed. Class 2022 ended the game leading 70 to 44 and took home the championship trophy.


The LU4 (Class 2022) Basketball team, HiMEDSikan 2018 men’s basketball champions (left to right): JC Tesorero, Justo Santos, Nathan Gan, Martin Dizon, Roy Gerona, Steven Tan, and Myco Cabuco. Photo courtesy of MSC42.




In the afternoon was the championship match between the clinterns (LU6/7) and LU5. The LU6/7 team had Migs Dimacali and Aljohn Gonzales from Class 2019 and Gian Aurelio, Macky Camagay, Bea Constantino, JR Sta. Maria, and Gian Urgel from Class 2020, while the LU5 team was composed of Class 2021’s Julian Buban, Jaea Cabilao, Sean Cua, Bea Daayata, and Wynona Dela Calzada.


Class 2020’s JR Sta. Maria gearing up for a free kick, while Class 2021’s Julian Buban, Bea Daayata, and Jaea Cabilao try to block the path. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


It was an entertaining match, and both teams seemed to have been in good spirits all throughout. Despite the more aggressive plays from the clinterns, no goals were scored in the first half. Most shots throughout the game were off target for both teams, and the goalkeepers were able to defend against most of the on-target shots. Class 2021’s Julian Buban was able to get a goal early in the second half, putting them ahead 1-0. A handball on Buban resulted in a penalty kick for the clinterns, which they quickly converted to a goal to even up the match 1-1. An unfortunate handball called on the LU5 team just outside the goal with a couple of minutes left in the game resulted in a penalty from the clinterns, and JR Sta. Maria made sure he got the goal. In the end, the clinterns won the game 2-1, earning them the futsal championship.


The LU6/7 team poses with their hard-earned futsal championship trophy. (Left to right): Macky Camagay (2020), Aljohn Gonzales (2019), Migs Dimacali (2019), Gian Aurelio (2020), Gian Urgel (2020), JR Sta. Maria (2020), and Bea Constantino (2020). Photo courtesy of MSC42.


An exhibition game of futsal between the PGH team (interns, residents) and the CM team (anyone from LU1-6) opened the evening leading up to the remaining championship games. It was a friendly but still competitive match that kept the audience entertained as the players and supporters for the last two matches made their way to the Sports Science and Wellness Center.




The players from both teams after the game. (Standing, left to right): Dan Go (2023), Kat Orteza (2023), Pat Gayod (2023), Sean Cua (2021), Julian Buban (2021), Kristel Tiburcio (2021), Josh Aguasin (2023), Steph Abellera (2021), Nico Vinasoy (2023), Nina Domingo (2021), Karel Tan (2023), Rey Vicoy (2021). (Kneeling, left to right): Jeric Conjares (2023), Ysel Ladera (2023), Ethan Maslog (2021), Samuel Lim (2023), Jayme Tambaoan (2021). Photo courtesy of MSC42.


The next match of the evening was the ultimate finals between LU5 (Class 2021) and LU3 (Class 2023). The LU5 team was composed of Steph Abellera, Julian Buban, Sean Cua, Ethan Maslog, Jayme Tambaoan, and Kristel Tiburcio. The LU3 team consisted of Josh Aguasin, Jeric Conjares, Pat Gayod, Dan Go, Ysel Ladera , Samuel Lim, Kat Orteza, Karel Tan, and Nico Vinasoy.


Class 2023’s Karel Tan (in yellow) goes airborne to catch the pass and get a point. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


LU5 started on the offensive, but LU3 was able to gain possession and scored the first two points of the match. LU5 returned the favor and got two consecutive points as well, tying the game at 2. The LU3 team started heating up and got three consecutive points before LU5 was able to score their next point. The players from Class 2023 didn’t let this faze them and kept the momentum going as they led Class 2021 8 to 5. LU3 scored fast points with a long pass from Go to Tan at the endzone, and another from Tan to Ladera saw the lead balloon for LU3, 10-5. Just before soft cap was called, LU3 was able to bring their score up to 11 and the soft cap was set at 13. The LU3 team didn’t waste any time, and Aguasin sent a long pass to an airborne Go at the endzone for a beautiful point. Shortly after, Lim got a pass to Conjares, and LU3 took the game and the championship, with a final score of 13-5.

The HiMEDSikan 2018 Ultimate champions, Class 2023. (Standing, left to right): Nico Vinasoy, Jeric Conjares, Kat Orteza, Josh Aguasin, Dan Go, Karel Tan, Pat Gayod. (Kneeling): Ysel Ladera (left) and Samuel Lim (right). Photo courtesy of MSC42.




The last match of the day was the volleyball championship between the clinterns and LU4. The LU6/7 team was composed of Class 2020’s JP Ladera and Kirby Plando, Class 2019’s Reni De Guzman, Dudi De Juras, Migs Dimacali, and Kim Dorado, and post-graduate interns Dan Cadangan and Migs Notarte. The LU4 team consisted of Class 2022’s Jer’m Angobung, Julius Buitizon, Jack Bulaong, Pibelle De Chavez, Raphael Fudolig, Nathan Gan, Vinz Solanoy, and Zad Velasquez.


The LU4 (Class 2022) volleyball team (left to right): Jack Bulaong, Zad Velasquez, Vinz Solanoy, Raphael Fudolig, Jer’m Angobung, Pibelle De Chavez, Julius Buitizon, Nathan Gan. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


Despite the game being late in the evening and being the last match of the day, the audience was definitely riled up with the intensity of the match. The LU4 team led early in the set, but the clinterns were able to take charge thanks to attacks from De Guzman, Notarte, and De Juras. The LU6/7 team led by 5 late in the first set, 21-16, but Bulaong’s blocking came to life as the clinterns began making more errors, and LU4 was able to make it to set point 24-22. The clinterns fought back and were able to tie it at 24, but ultimately excellent net defense and killer offense prevailed for the clinterns and they took the extended first set 27-25.

The second set saw the arrival of post-graduate intern Dan Cadangan for the LU6/7 team, and his contributions to the team allowed them to dominate throughout the set. Despite 2022’s Raphael Fudolig heating up in the set and scoring 7 points, the aggressive service and powerful attacking from the clinterns earned them a strong 25 to 16 win.

Set number 3 saw Fudolig on fire as he scored most of the points for his team. The clinterns nonetheless led by at least 5 points for the majority of the set, until they were almost at match point, 23-18. Class 2022 rallied and managed to save 4 match points, tying the game at 24. An emphatic block from Fudolig won them the set at 26-24, forcing a fourth set and energizing their supporters in the audience.

The excitement continued in the fourth set. The clinterns led comfortably early in the set, but the LU4 team came alive despite being down 7 points at 15 to 22. They were able to tie the game at 23 and kept the hustle going as they even got to set point, 24-23. The clinterns weren’t going down without a fight, though, and they tied the game at 24 for another extended set. The LU6/7 team ultimately prevailed, winning the fourth set 27-25 and taking the championship.


The LU6/7 team and their supporters pose for a photo with their 2 championship trophies, for futsal and volleyball. (Left to right): Bryan Elvambuena (Post-Graduate Intern, PGI), Lowrence Dichoso (PGI), JP Ladera (2020), Kirby Plando (2020), Reni De Guzman (2019), Kim Dorado (2019), Dudi De Juras (2019), Migs Notarte (PGI), Dan Cadangan (PGI), Migs Dimacali (2019). Photo courtesy of MSC42.


The LU6/7 team and their supporters pose for a photo with their 2 championship trophies, for futsal and volleyball. (Left to right): Bryan Elvambuena (Post-Graduate Intern, PGI), Lowrence Dichoso (PGI), JP Ladera (2020), Kirby Plando (2020), Reni De Guzman (2019), Kim Dorado (2019), Dudi De Juras (2019), Migs Notarte (PGI), Dan Cadangan (PGI), Migs Dimacali (2019). Photo courtesy of MSC42.

Congratulations to the 42nd Medicine Student Council Sports and Wellness Committee Co-Heads and HiMEDSikan 2018 Co-Heads Nicole Alberto (Class 2023) and Rausche Sausa (Class 2023), the rest of MSC42, and the volunteers on the success of their three-day flagship event, and to all the teams that participated!


MSC42 Sports and Wellness Committee and HiMEDSikan 2018 Co-Heads Nicole Alberto (left) and Rausche Sausa (right) take a photo after the successful conclusion of HiMEDSikan 2018. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


Special thanks to Miguel Costa and Migs Dimacali for helping the writers get information for this article. All photos courtesy of the 42nd Medicine Student Council.

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