Himedsikan Day 2: Ultimate Eliminations Concluded, Men’s Basketball Eliminations Begun

Byline: JE Mariano (Class 2023) and Lordom Grecia (Class 2021)


The second day of Himedsikan was successfully held by the UP Medicine Student Council Sports and Wellness Committee on Saturday, 29 September 2018, at the new Sports Science and Wellness Center of UP Manila.


Overview: Himedsikan Day 2

The second day of Himedsikan included all the elimination matches for ultimate and some of the games for men’s basketball. There were 5 participating teams in Ultimate, consisting of the combined classes of 2024 and 2025 (Learning Units 1 and 2), Class 2023 (LU3), Class 2022 (LU4), Class 2021 (LU5), and the combined classes of 2020 and 2019 (LU6 and LU7), separated into two brackets. There were 6 participating teams in men’s basketball, with the addition of a team from the administrative staff of the UP College of Medicine (Admin team).

For ultimate, Bracket A consisted of LU1/2, LU4, and LU5, competing in a round robin format (i.e., all teams face each other once), while Bracket B consisted of LU3 and LU6/7 competing in a best-of-three format. For men’s basketball, Brackets A and B consisted of 3 teams each, competing in a round robin format – Bracket A had LU1/2, LU6/7, and the Admin, while Bracket B had LU3, LU4, and LU5.

LU5 and LU3 made it to the finals for Ultimate, which will be held on Saturday, 6 October 2018. LU4 made it to men’s basketball finals also on October 6, but their opponents will be determined from the match between the admin and LU6/7 on the same day.



The LU1/2 team was composed of Class 2025’s Nathan Bantayan and Class 2024’s Ryan Encarnacion, Bea Tiosejo, Tobi Tensuan, Matthew Ong, Luis Borja, and Carlo Virrey. The LU3 team had Class 2023’s Dan Go, Nico Vinasoy, Shane Robles, Josh Aguasin, Samuel Lim, Yrneh Ladera, and Kat Orteza. Class 2022’s Anja Cawaing, Julius Buitizon, Martin Logmao, Acej Yorobe, Nathan Gan, and Keith Nieva made up the LU4 team, and Class 2021’s Steph Abellera, Kristel Tiburcio, Sarah Coralde, Julian Buban, Rey Vicoy, and Jeune Mabanag completed the LU5 team.


LU5 vs. LU1/2

LU1 and LU2 squared off against LU5 in the first game of the day.Bea Tiosejo scored the first point for LU1/2 but Kristel Tiburcio answered right back with two consecutive points for LU5. LU5 furthered their lead but iMed worked to reduce the gap, with catches by Ryan Encarnacion and Luigi Meguizo. The score was 10-5 in favor of LU5 as the game went into soft cap. The iMed scored three consecutive points, catching up with their opponent, but LU5 ultimately reached the soft cap with the game ending at 12-9.

The LU1/2 ultimate team. Standing (left to right): Matt Ong, Luigi Meguizo, Jaan Lacson, Carlo Virrey, Luis Borja, Hannah Abella, Tobi Tensuan, all from Class 2024. Sitting: Ryan Encarnacion (2024, left) and Nathan Bantayan (2025, right). Photo courtesy of MSC42.


LU6/7 vs. LU3 Game 1

LU3 came out of the gates running in their first match-up with LU6/7, with solid passes between Josh Aguasin and Dan Go. LU6/7 scored but LU3 maintained a sizeable lead, with the score at 9-3 by the 25-minute mark. Nic Cumigad and Ira Lim took another point for LU3 but the clerks and interns then scored three. Finally, with a game-winning catch by Cumigad, LU3 took the match with 11-6.


LU5 vs. LU4

The third game saw LU5 make a four-point streak right off the bat before Anja Cawaing scored the first point for LU4. However, a stellar play from LU5 led to a score of 11-1 as the game went into soft cap. Nathan Gan scored for LU4, with Rey Vicoy answering back for LU5. Another catch by Gan brought the score to 12-3 but a catch by Vicoy won LU5 the game and a spot in the finals, with the match ending at 13-3.


The LU4 and LU5 ultimate teams share a group photo at the end of their game. Standing (left to right): Jeune Mabanag (2021), Martin Logmao (2022), Julius Buitizon (2022), Julian Buban (2021), Rey Vicoy (2021). Squatting in the middle is Nathan Gan (2022). Sitting (left to right): Steph Abellera (2021), Kristel Tiburcio (2021), Keith Nieva (2022), Anja Cawaing (2022), Acej Yorobe (2022), Sarah Coralde (2021). Photo courtesy of MSC42.


LU6/7 vs. LU3 Game 2

A catch by Go then a long pass from Go to Aguasin in the first few minutes marked the second game between LU3 and LU6/7. The clerks and interns scored a point, which then led to a neck-and-neck battle until LU3 furthered their lead, at 12-7 going into soft cap. Nico Vinasoy made a catch for LU3 but LU6/7 sought to close the gap with the score at 13-10 as the game went into the first hard cap of the day. The clerks and interns were on a roll, scoring two more points, before LU3 clinched the game and their place in the finals.

The LU3 ultimate team. Standing (left to right): Nico Vinasoy, Shane Robles, Kat Orteza, Gel Marquez, Josh Aguasin. Sitting (left to right): Migs Rivera, Dominic Cumigad, Samuel Lim, Yrneh Ladera, Dan Go. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


LU4 vs. LU1/2

The last ultimate match of the day was between LU1/2 and LU4. The iMed scored the first two points of the game then a pass from Cawaing to Gan brought the score to 2-1. This was followed by a solid streak from iMed as they widened their lead to 9-1. LU4 scored with a catch by Gan, Julius Buitizon following with an intercept and a pass to Acej Yorobe, bringing them to three points going into soft cap. The iMed scored with a pass from Tobi Tensuan to Virrey then earned another point, ending the game at 11-3.

LU3 and LU5 will face off in the finals at the HiMEDsikan championships next Saturday, October 6.


Men’s Basketball

LU6/7 vs. LU1/2

The first basketball game of the day was between the clinterns (LU6/7) and the imeds (LU1/2). The LU1/2 team consisted of Luis Borja, Matt Ong, Arvin Tan, Carlo Virrey, Jaan Lacson, Tobi Tensuan, and Luigi Meguizo, all from Class 2024.

Arvin Tan of Class 2024 got the first shot in for the imeds, but the clinterns weren’t intimidated. The first quarter ended in favor of LU6/7, 16 to 6. The LU1/2 team kept their spirits up and tried to catch up, keeping the clinterns’ lead in single digits until the end of the third quarter, 25-17. The clerks and interns showed their prowess and ended strong, taking the game with a 36 to 22 lead.

The LU1/2 basketball team (left to right): Carlo Virrey, Arvin Tan, Luis Borja, Tobi Tensuan, Luigi Meguizo, Jaan Lacson. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


LU4 vs. LU3

The next basketball game was in a different bracket, this time between LU4 (Class 2022) and LU3 (Class 2023). The LU4 team had Roy Gerona, Steven Tan, Martin Dizon, JC Tesorero, Myco Cabuco, Nathan Gan, Cody Florido, Justo Santos, and Jimo Mantaring, while the LU3 team consisted of Abot Monroy, Ian Macatangay, Gabriel Montemayor, Denz Umerez, Matt Hernandez, Migs Rivera, Dan Go, Jeric Conjares, and Jonas Estrada.

The game started relatively slow, with neither team able to score a point despite being aggressive with their plays. The first points of the game came from a couple of free throws from LU4, but it was a tight match as the scores were tied for most of the first quarter. The LU4 team found their groove though, and were able to pull away by the end of the first half leading 20 to 12. Class 2022 kept the barrage going and led 36 to 16 by the end of the third quarter. The LU3 team rallied and started the fourth quarter strong with a 9-0 run, but the LU4 team prevailed and won the game 46-30.

The LU4 team (left to right): Martin Dizon, Steven Tan, Justo Santos, Laetner Enriquez, Myco Cabuco, JC Tesorero, Cody Florido, Roy Gerona, Nathan Gan, and Jimo Mantaring. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


Admin vs. LU1/2

The next game in the first bracket was between LU1/2 and the team from the UPCM admin. The imeds started strong, leading by as much as 5 points in the first quarter. The admin were able to catch up, though, and it was a close fight for the rest of the first half, which ended 15-14 in favor of the LU1/2 team. The second half was a different story, though, and the Admin team led 10 points (29 to 19) by the end of the third quarter. Unfortunately, Class 2024’s Carlo Virrey had to sit out most of the fourth quarter because of his injured shin, which some of the readers may recall from last week’s futsal games. The admin kept their aggressive plays going, and the LU1/2 team were no longer able to keep up. The Admin led 41 to 30 at the end of the match.

The admin team will face the clerks and interns on Saturday, 06 October 2018, to decide who makes it to the finals against the winner from the other bracket.


The UPCM Admin team. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


LU5 vs. LU4

The last game of the day was the basketball game between LU5 (Class 2021) and LU4 (Class 2022). The LU5 team was composed of Class 2021’s Rey Vicoy, Sean Cua, Jen Montemayor, Jeune Mabanag, Empol Caldito, Emil Cano, and Julian Buban. The LU4 team consisted of the same people.


The LU5 team (left to right): Emil Cano, Rey Vicoy, Jeune Mabanag, Sean Cua, Julian Buban, Jen Montemayor, Empol Caldito. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


The LU4 team was able to keep their momentum going from the last game and started strong, ending the first quarter with a 13 to 9 lead. Class 2021 came alive early in the second quarter, tying the game at 15 and again at 17, but Class 2022 showed their skills in rebounding and shooting, leading 26 to 17 at the end of the first half. The LU5 team wasn’t done yet, and they again started the second half strong. Class 2022’s Myco Cabuco graduated just at the end of the third quarter, with his team leading 37 to 26. Class 2021 still tried to catch up in the fourth quarter, but the LU4 team ultimately prevailed with a powerful 16-point lead at the end of the match, winning at 51 to 35.

This guarantees the LU4 team a slot in the finals to be held on Saturday, 06 October 2018. Their opponent will be determined by the winner of the game between the admin and the LU6/7 team. The remaining game in this bracket, between LU5 (Class 2021) and LU3 (Class 2023), will still be played despite being a non-bearing game.

The MSC42, their volunteers, and the Medics live-tweeter pose for a photo at the end of the day. Left to right: Arvin Tan (2024), Mayo Viray (2021), Matt Batiduan (volunteer), Nicole Alberto (2023), Shey Sausa (2023), Julian Mendoza (2023), and Lordom Grecia (2021).


The last day of Himedsikan 2018 will hold the rest of the eliminations games for men’s basketball, the eliminations games for women’s basketball, and the finals for all sports. It will be held on Saturday, 06 October 2018, at the UPM’s Sports Science and Wellness Center, from 8:30AM onwards.

Special thanks to Shey Sausa and Shane Robles for helping the writers get information for this article. All photos courtesy of the 42nd Medicine Student Council.

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