UP Agape Holds Annual Cupcake Party

By: Jena Chua (Class 2022)


Attendees listen to the event’s speakers


Medical students engaged in a cupcake party organized by UP Agape last September 26, 2018, at Paz Mendoza 105-107.

The party’s theme, Bathos, etched a question in the minds of people who first encountered it. The first thing that may come to mind is the word “bath.” As the word suggests, the venue was filled with decorations resembling an underwater setting, with multi-colored fish cut-outs, seaweeds, and waves.

The party started with a Praise and Worship session that magnified and reminded the attendees of our Lord Jesus’ unending and bottomless love–that love that overwhelms and allows people to want to know more about Him.

The first speaker, Fresthel Climacosa (Class 2016), emphasized that knowing God intellectually is an altogether different experience from encountering His reality and actuality. She also mentioned the inherent, insatiable desire of the human heart that longs for something to fill the God-shaped gap that has taken residence in it–an endless void that only God can fill, if people allow and accept Him fully into their lives.


John Malabad talks about Bathos.


John Carlo Malabad of Class 2016 talked about Bathos in the context of God’s love for us. He shared the story of how Paul, previously named Saul, changed from being one of the top persecutors of the early followers of Christ to being among the primary movers of the Christian faith. This change was made possible through having a personal encounter with God. The story aimed to help the attendees have an understanding of how deep God’s love is, reminding them that nothing can ever separate anyone from His love. The speaker also shared an excerpt from one of John Piper’s writings on “The Depth of Christ’s Love”, emphasizing on what God’s love cost Him, how little we deserve it, what we have yet to receive from it, and how freely God gives His love.

Ephesians 3:27-18, the main verse for the event, says “…So that you, together with all God’s people, may have the power to understand how broad and long, how high and deep, is Christ’s love.” The song “Into the Deep” compares God’s love to a flood that immerses His people into the depth of the relationship that He offers to the ones who love Him. Jesus willingly gave up His own precious life to us without asking anything in return. He did it even as He knew that we would sin against Him, that some of us may even reject Him, but He saved us, nonetheless. And as He was being crucified, He was thinking of us, loving us ever so dearly and having the fullest intent of having an everlasting relationship with us.

Bathos, in the end, was revealed to mean “mystery, depth, extent”. Our limited human minds can never fully fathom the wonders of His love. It extends to the farthest and most unreachable crevices that we end up in. His love encompasses us, no matter how many times we fall short.


Cupcakes were designed towards the end of the night.


The event ended with the attendees personally designing their cupcakes and having fellowship in the presence of God. Everyone left the venue with a rejuvenated heart, the reminder of His incomprehensible love instilled in their minds.

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