Himedsikan Day 1: Volleyball and Futsal Eliminations Concluded

The UP Medicine Student Council Sports and Wellness Committee successfully conducted the first day of Himedsikan 2018 on Saturday, 22 September 2018, at the new Sports Science and Wellness Center of UP Manila.


Overview: Himedsikan Day 1

The first day included the elimination matches for volleyball and futsal. There were 5 participating teams in these sports, consisting of the combined classes of 2024 and 2025 (Learning Units 1 and 2), Class 2023 (LU3), Class 2022 (LU4), Class 2021 (LU5), and the combined classes of 2020 and 2019 (LU6 and LU7), separated into two brackets.

Bracket A for both sports consisted of three teams competing in a round robin format (that is, all teams face each other once), while Bracket B consisted of two teams competing in a best-of-three format. For volleyball, LU1/2, LU3, and LU4 were in Bracket A while LU5 and LU6/7 were in Bracket B. For futsal, LU1/2, LU3, and LU6/7 were in Bracket A while LU4 and LU5 were in Bracket B.

The clinterns (LU6 and LU7) made it to the finals for both volleyball and futsal, against LU4 and LU5, respectively. The finals for all sports will be held on October 6.



The volleyball games were held first, with majority of the games in the morning and a couple of games scheduled in the afternoon.

LU3 (2023) vs. LU4 (2022)

The first game was between LU3 and LU4. The LU3 team consisted of 2023’s Kat Sun, Leslie Cando, Dwight Fernandez, Gerald Morales, Yrneh Ladera, Brevin Candare, Jasper Alindayu, Miguel Rivera, Nicole Kilem, Pael Jocson, Nicole Alberto, and Rausche Sausa. The LU4 team was composed of 2022’s Jack Bulaong, Vib Bernal, Kathy Bersola, PIbelle De Chavez, Julius Buitizon, Anja Cawaing, Zad Velasquez, Jer’m Angobung, Vinz Solanoy, Raphael Fudolig, and Nathan Gan.

2023 started with Sun, Morales, Alindayu, Cando, Rivera, and Ladera, while 2022 started with Solanoy, Buitizon, Fudolig, Angobung, Bulaong, and Cawaing, with Bernal playing as libero. In the first 10 minutes of the game, 2022 dominated the court with a 4-point lead at 9-5. When Fernandez arrived and was subbed in for Ladera, there was a shift and the playing field became more leveled, with 2023 eventually being able to tie it up at 13-13. De Chavez was also subbed in for Buitizon when she arrived. The first set ended a close match of 25-23 in favor of Class 2022 (LU4).

The second set saw 2023 starting with almost the same players as the first set, with Kilem replacing Cando and Fernandez replacing Ladera, and 2022 also starting similarly, but with De Chavez replacing Buitizon. This set was more intense, with more aggressive attacks and placement shots. The set was tied at 11-11 early on, but Class 2022 eventually dominated and won with a 7-point lead, 25-18. This gave Class 2022 their first win of the day and strengthened their bid for a finals appearance.

The LU4 Volleyball Team. Top (left to right): Nathan Gan, Raphael Fudolig, Jer’m Angobung, Vinz Solanoy, Jack Bulaong, and Zad Velasquez. Bottom (left to right): Vib Bernal, Pibelle De Chavez, Anja Cawaing, and Julius Buitizon. They will be playing in the finals on October 6. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


LU 4 (2022) vs. LU 1/2 (2025/2024)
The next game was supposed to be between LU4 and LU1/2, but unfortunately the LU1/2 team defaulted because some of their players had exams.  This gave LU4 their second win in their bracket and guaranteed them a spot in the finals. The third game in the bracket still pushed through later in the morning.


LU 6/7 (2020/2019) vs. LU 5 (2021) Game 1
Up next was the first game of Bracket B, between LU5 and the clinterns (LU6/7). The LU5 team consisted of Henzor Dauigoy, Sean Cua, Jayme Tambaoan, CJ Esteleydes, Zora de la Peña, Rochelle Cion, and Sarah Coralde, while the clintern team of 7 people was composed of 2020’s JP Ladera and 2019’s Reni De Guzman, Dudi De Juras, Marion De Luna, Kevin Verona, and post-graduate interns (PGI) Ida Tan and Dan Cadangan.

The clinterns dominated the first set, winning with a tremendous 25-15 lead. Class 2021 found their groove in the second set and were able to turn the tables, winning 25-20. The clinterns showed no mercy in the third set, again dominating the LU5 team and winning 15-5.

Class 2021’s Jayme Tambaoan (dark blue) sets the ball as Sean Cua (blue and yellow) gets ready to attack. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


LU 1/2 (2025/2024) vs. LU 3 (2023)

The next game was between LU1/2 and LU3. The LU1/2 team consisted of 2024’s Rona Canlas, Camille Santico, Carlo Barrios, and Aerol Cruz, and 2025’s Dom Tamayo, Adrian Bornilla, and LG Asejo. The LU3 team was composed of Fernandez, Morales, Ladera, Sun, Kilem, Cando, Rivera, and Alindayu. While this was a non-bearing game as LU4 had already won 2 games in their bracket, both teams still gave their all.

The match began in a relatively even manner with both teams on each other’s toes. Later, Class 2023 dominated the first and second sets with 25-14 and 25-12 respectively.


Class 2023’s Kat Sun as she is about to serve the ball over to the LU1/2 team. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


The organizers and volunteers were able to rest over lunch, after which the volleyball games continued. The remaining games were in Bracket B, continuing the best-of-three series between LU5 and LU6/7.


LU 6/7 (2020/2019) vs. LU 5 (2021) Game 2

The LU6/7 team again had only 7 players, with PGI Dan Cadangan being replaced by 2019’s Benjo Sosa III. All 7 players were able to play as starters, with Kevin Verona serving as the team’s libero. The LU5 team had the same players in the roster, and they again started the game with Dauigoy, Cua, Tambaoan, Esteleydes, Cion, and de la Peña.

The first set was a close fight, with heated exchanges keeping the teams tied almost all throughout the extended set. LU5 was eventually able to edge out the clinterns off an attack error, taking the first set 28-26. The clinterns fought back hard, dominating the second set and closing it out at 25-18. LU5 started the third set strong with an early lead, but the clinterns were able to rally and almost took the set with another dominating lead. Some errors from the clinterns and some strong attacks from LU5 saw the latter catching up, but the clinterns had enough of a cushion and eventually took the set 15-13. This was the clinterns’ second win, ending the best-of-three series and assuring them of a spot in the finals against LU4.


The LU6/7 volleyball team from Game 1. From left to right, Kevin Verona (2019), Marion De Luna (2019), JP Ladera (2020), Dan Cadangan (Post-Graduate Intern), Dudi De Juras (2019), Reni De Guzman (2019), and Ida Tan (Post-Graduate Intern). They will be playing in the finals on October 6 against LU4. Photo courtesy of MSC42.



The futsal games were held in the afternoon after the last of the volleyball games.


LU4 (2022) vs. LU5 (2021) Game 1

The first futsal game was between LU4 and LU5, game 1 of the best-of-three in Bracket B. The LU4 team consisted of Class 2022’s Jaz Togonon, Anna Serrano, Jer’m Angobung, Pibelle De Chavez, Vib Bernal, EJ Remoreras, Leandro Salazar, and goalkeeper Nathan Gan. The LU5 team was composed of Class 2021’s Julian Buban, Jaea Cabilao, Sarah Coralde, Beng Daayata, Wynona Dela Calzada, and goalkeeper Jeune Mabanag.

The game started at a steady pace, with first-time players from both teams adjusting and finding their groove. Class 2021’s Julian Buban was able to score a goal just before the 5-minute mark of the first half, giving the advantage to LU5 at 1-0. The first half ended with neither team being able to score a goal.

Class 2022 came alive early in the second half, with striker Jaz Togonon scoring a little more than a minute in. Aggressive plays from Serrano and Togonon saw LU4 take the lead as Togonon scored again by the third minute. Class 2021’s Buban was able to equalize late in the half, forcing overtime as the teams were tied 2-2. Neither team was able to score during overtime, despite the same level of play from the players. The match ended in a draw, 2-2.


LU6/7 (2020/2019) vs. LU1/2 (2025/2024)

The next game was between the newest and the oldest members of the college – the imeds (LU1/2) against the clinterns (LU6/7). The clinterns team consisted of Class 2019’s Bettina Pascual, John De Castro,  Keno Baltazar, Migs Dimacali, and Aljohn Gonzales, and Class 2020’s Seiko Hashimoto, Macky Camagay, JR Sta. Maria, and goalkeeper Gian Urgel. The imed was composed of Class 2025’s LG Asejo, Bernabe Salazar, Rich Cortez, and Regine Bastereche, and Class 2024’s Luis Borja, Luigi Meguizo, Hannah Abella, Sofia Aguilar, Matthew Ong,and goalkeeper Carlo Virrey.

Despite aggressive plays from the clinterns in the first half, very few shots were on target and the half ended 0-0. In the second half, the clinterns mixed it up and had Hashimoto playing as goalkeeper, and they fielded in Baltazar, Dimacali, and Sta. Maria. The imeds also mixed it up, fielding Virrey and having Asejo as goalkeeper. The clinterns kept their aggressiveness from the first half, and the imeds were able to keep up with their defense and became more assertive as well. A goal from Sta. Maria just before the 10-minute mark saw the LU6/7 team winning the game 1-0.


The LU6/7 futsal team. (Left to Right) Gian Urgel (2020), JR Sta. Maria (2020), Migs Dimacali (2019), Bettina Pascual (2019), John De Castro (2019), Aljohn Gonzales (2019), Seiko Hashimoto (2020), and Keno Baltazar (2019).


LU4 (2022) vs. LU5 (2021) Game 2

The LU4 team consisted of the same people, while the LU5 team saw the addition of 2021’s Jarri Alihan, Earl Balanag, and Sean Cua. LU4 started with Togonon, Serrano, De Chavez, Angobung, and goalkeeper Gan, while LU5 started with Buban, Balanag, Dela Calzada, and Daayata.

Both teams were equally aggressive early in the half, with neither team dominating possessions. Late in the half, an bold play from Buban was able to screen LU4’s goalkeeper and defenders on the right side and Balanag was able to get the ball through to the left, and Daayata was able to score what was to be a game-winning goal. The first half ended in favor of LU5, 1-0. In the second half, LU4 started with Mercado replacing De Chavez, while LU5 started with Cabilao, Cua, and Coralde replacing Balanag, Dela Calzada, and Daayata. Both teams remained feisty, with multiple attempts throughout the half. However, none of them were able to score a goal, and the game ended in favor of LU5, 1-0.


Class 2021’s futsal team talks strategy in the huddle. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


LU6/7 (2020/2019) vs. LU3 (2023)

The fourth game was between the clinterns (LU6/7) and LU3. The clinterns team consisted of the same people, with Dimacali playing as goalkeeper. The LU3 team was composed of 2023’s Renzo Valenzuela, Abot Monroy, Nicole Alberto, Jeri Abdon, Josiah Arceno, Miggy Ordoñez, Yrneh Ladera, Hannah Rota, Nicole Picart, JR Castor, and goalkeeper Migs Rivera.

Both teams were very assertive, with quite a number of attempts throughout the first half. LU3 got the first goal just before the 6-minute mark care of Valenzuela. The clinterns hustled and Sta. Maria was able to get a goal in just after 7 minutes. Both teams remained incredibly aggressive, but the first half ended 1-1.

An early goal for 2019’s De Castro saw the clinterns take the lead, 2-1, in the first minute of the second half. LU3 tried to retaliate, but they were unable to stop the clinterns.  De Castro scored another goal in the 9th minute putting the clinterns up 3-1, and the scores remained unchanged until the end of the game. This is the clinterns’ second win in their bracket, guaranteeing them a spot in the finals.


Class 2023’s team members motivate each other in the huddle. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


LU4 (2022) vs. LU5 (2021) Game 3

LU4 again fielded the same people again, while LU5 started with Buban, Alihan, Dela Calzada, Daayata, and goalkeeper Mabanag. A handball was called on De Chavez early in the first half, giving Buban a free kick resulting in a goal. LU5 kept the aggression and Buban was able to score another goal just under the 5-minute mark. The first half ended 2-0 in favor of LU5. LU5 started with Cabilao, Cua, Balanag, Daayata, and goalkeeper Mabanag in the second half, while LU4’s Domingo was fielded in for Angobung. The teams were leveled in hustling offense and defense, until LU5 subbed in Buban at the 9th minute. Buban was able to score less than a minute after getting back in, and the game ended 3-0 in favor of LU5. This ended the best of 3 series between LU4 and LU5, with LU5 (Class 2021) making it to the finals after a draw and 2 wins. LU5 will face the LU6/7 team in the finals on October 6.


Class 2021’s futsal team. Standing (left to right): Julian Buban, Sean Cua, Jeune Mabanag, Jarri Alihan, Earl Balanag. Sitting (left to right): Wynona Dela Calzada, Sarah Coralde, Beng Daayata, Jaea Cabilao. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


Class 2022’s futsal team remains energetic after three long games. Back (left to right): Jaz Togonon, Nathan Gan, Jer’m Angobung. Front (left to right): Pibelle De Chavez, Rani Domingo, Anna Serrano, Leandro Salazar. Photo courtesy of MSC42.


LU1/2 (2025/2024) vs. LU3 (2023)

The last game of the day was a non-bearing game between LU3 and the imed team. Both teams had the same players as their previous games, though LU3’s Castor played as goalkeeper in the first half. A handball called on the imed team led to a free kick that resulted in a goal for LU3’s Castor. The first half ended 1-0 in favor of LU3. The second half was dominated by the aggressive players from LU3, and Valenzuela was able to score a goal just before the 5-minute mark. Unfortunately 2024’s Virrey was injured late in the second half and had to sit the rest of the game out. The game ended 3-0 in favor of LU3 after Valenzuela scored another goal just before the end of the game.


On Saturday, 29 September 2018, MSC will hold the second day of Himedsikan. The Ultimate games will be held first, to be followed by men’s and women’s basketball.


The 42nd Medicine Student Council celebrates the successful first day of Himedsikan. Standing (left to right): Nicole Picart (2023), Arianne Obeles (2023), Danee Mangila (2022), Mayo Viray (2021), Luis Borja (2024), Leandro Salazar (2022). Kneeling in the middle are Sports and Wellness Committee co-heads and organizers of Himedsikan, Shey Sausa and Nicole Alberto (both from Class 2023). Photo courtesy of MSC42.


Special thanks to Shey Sausa, Simoune Licuanan, Kat Sun, Jer’m Angobung, and Hannah Abella for helping the writers get information for this article. All photos courtesy of the 42nd Medicine Student Council.

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