First Tuesday with PAGSAMA of the Semester Tackles “Devolution in the Philippine Health Care System”

By Hanna Ho and correspondent Juri Faulan (Class 2022)

Photos from UP PAGSAMA


Last September 4, 2018, UP PAGSAMA held the first Tuesdays with PAGSAMA (TWP) of the semester at the second floor of Bobby dela Paz Hall.

TWP is an event aiming to serve as a learning avenue for different societal issues in the hopes of bringing the community and society closer to the college.

For this TWP, the organization invited Dr. Gene Nisperos, their founder and adviser, to speak on the topic, “Devolution in the Philippine Health Care System”. The lecture delved into the history of the country’s healthcare system, and explained how the current broken system came to be, including the role World Bank and its policies played in further driving the devolution.

Dr. Nisperos elaborated on the problems of devolution, such as why it works for some countries like Finland but not for others. He explained how devolution could work but has requisites. In Finland, it worked because people have a high sense of accountability and political maturity, things Dr. Nisperos said are lacking in our country. He also offered up alternative solutions like gradually reverting the system back to re-nationalization.

Dr. Anthony Cordero (left) and Dr. Gene Nisperos (right) answering questions during the open forum.

Among the audience were guests Dr. Anthony Cordero and Dr. Paolo Victor Medina, both offering their own opinions and takes and helping Dr. Nisperos answer the students’ questions during the open forum. All three of them answered and debunked different and further explain the problems of the Philippine health care system. The discussion was lively, entertaining, and incredibly enlightening.

UP PAGSAMA Deputy Coordinating Officer Juri Faulan gave some insights on her thoughts of the lecture, “We often get used to the system and fail to reflect on its flaws. This TWP helped me better understand the Philippine healthcare situation through understanding devolution. Acknowledging that health is a right and multifactorial, we as future physicians have to be aware of different societal issues that plague our patients’ lives. In issues like devolution, the most affected ones are those at the hem of the society. This TWP has been a good reminder of the college’s mission-vision: to serve the underserved.”

The speaker, guests, and audience after the lively discussion.

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