Acute gastroenteritis downs students, staff

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At least 35 students and a staff member suffered diarrhea and vomiting since Wednesday, September 5, 2018, due to a suspected ice cream poisoning – an unfortunate setback in a well-intentioned project by the MSC and the Dean’s Management Team.

Most showed symptoms after eating the free ice cream offered by the Medicine Student Council (MSC) at Calderon Hall. The ice cream as the source of the incident has not yet been confirmed, as there are several people who ate the ice cream did not show symptoms. Others showed symptoms despite not having eaten the ice cream.

At least 15 from Class 2023, 18 from Class 2022, and 2 from Class 2021 were affected, according to their respective class presidents. So far, 4 needed hospital admission. The numbers are expected to climb as a second wave of people falling ill is being observed.


Meanwhile, the MSC has released an official statement to all classes:

“The 42nd Medicine Student Council expresses its deep concern following the recent events of acute gastroenteritis. As of yet, the cause is being investigated. Students affected have been referred to the UP Health Service for assessment. In the light of giving happiness to the students, we regret that this situation had happened. But nevertheless, we are and will always be with you.”


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