UPCM students represented in the AUN-QA

by Louie Dy (Class 2021) and Markyn Kho (Class 2020)

AUN-QA assessors Professor Dr. Bachtiar-Iskandar and Prof. Benjaponpitak, with Associate Dean for Academic Development Dr. Coralie Dimacali (4th from left, front row), AUN-QA site visit team Dr. Stella Jose (5th from right, front row) and Dr. Angela Aguilar (3rd from left, front row), and student participants of the interview.

Last August 29, 2018 at Buenafe Auditorium, UPCM students from all Learning Units took part in an interview session with quality assessors Professor Dr. Hanna H. Bachtiar-Iskandar and Clinical Professor Dr. Suwat Benjaponpitak.

The students were involved in academic, leadership, and extra-curricular affairs, and were interviewed in line with the Asean University Network – Quality Assessment (AUN-QA) two-day site visit.

Students were asked key questions on various aspects of UPCM and its medical school experience, including the effectiveness of outcome-based education and lecturer evaluation, adequacy of research funding and the mentoring program, and provision of campus facilities. The group interview was informal, and the assessors encouraged all student participants to candidly voice their thoughts and opinions on these topics.

The assessors also interviewed groups of faculty, staff, and alumni to thoroughly validate the primer and data report the College administration had previously submitted, as well as to form a complete evaluation of the existing quality of education provided by the College of Medicine. During the day, the assessors toured selected sites of the UPCM campus and Philippine General Hospital.

The AUN-QA site assessment, which took place last August 28 and 29, is a culmination of two years’ worth of work data-gathering by the UPCM administration for submission to the network. In 2016, former Dean Agnes Mejia launched the bid to have the College of Medicine accredited by the AUN, in an effort to raise international presence and strengthen regional partnership in academic exchanges.

The results of the AUN-QA range from 1 being the lowest and 7 being the highest. According to the quality assessors and Dr. Dimacali, more than whatever the score UPCM may obtain, most important is still the process of evaluation, which will give the college a push for better quality medical education for the students.


A complete handbook titled “GUIDE TO AUN-QA ASSESSMENT AT PROGRAMME LEVEL” can be found here: [Click this link to be redirected to the online copy.]

[Click this link to go to the webpage of AUN-QA.]

The entrance of Calderon Hall during the two-day visit of the quality assessors was donned with flags in the spirit of internationalism.

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