UPCM Welcomes Class 2023 in Freshman Orientation Program

By Isabel Fernando (Class 2022) and Hanna Ho (Class 2022)

Photos by JC Tesorero, Renren Barroga, Rani Domingo, Leandro Salazar, Isabelle Alberto, Kino Sevilla, Sichuan Rayco (Class 2022), and Viv Josol (Class 2024)


Every year, the upperclassmen welcome the freshmen into the UP College of Medicine. This year, it was the turn of UP College of Medicine Class 2022, who organized the official UPCM Freshman Orientation Program (FOP). Themed “The Grand Carousel”, the program was a two-week-long event filled with activities to help the freshmen get to know the college and each other.


Alvek Ecaldre (2022) hosted the morning ceremonies.


The event kicked off with “Le Cirque”: The FOP 2018 Welcoming Ceremonies and Org Hop, which was held last July 30, 2018. The Welcoming Ceremonies was held in the morning, where games and activities were held to break the ice and let the members of Class 2023 acquaint themselves with each other. Grouped into different teams, the freshmen were given a set of tasks to accomplish for the duration of FOP 2018 to help foster friendship and build camaraderie.

In the afternoon, different organizations talked about the different aspects and experiences in UP med during the Org Hop. The freshmen were given a small glimpse into their new academic life, and were also introduced to the college’s many student organizations.


The audience eagerly awaited the performances in Parc d’Attraction.


Organizations’ Night and Street Party, entitled “Parc d’Attraction”, was held last August 10, 2018 at the SSWC. One of the highlights of the UPCM FOP 2018, the event aimed to further acquaint the freshmen with the diverse organizations of the UP College of Medicine. Parc d’Attraction commenced with performances prepared by the different teams of Class 2023, beginning with the Hoopers, followed by Knife Throwers, Clowns, Fire Breathers, Acrobats and Magicians. The incoming freshmen showcased their talents in singing, dancing, and acting, inspired by the circus theme assigned to their teams. Medicine Student Council (MSC) Chair Leandro Salazar, FOP Co-head Isabel Fernando, and 2022 Class President Rani Domingo served as judges.


Members of UPCM 2023 showcased their talents in the group performances.


To give the judges time to deliberate after the team performances, UPCM organizations and the Class 2022 band came onstage to give their own performances. Everyone was entertained with song medleys, dancing, and poetry-reading. Class 2022 also entertained the audience with their video “This is Med”, a parody of Beauty and the Beast’s “Be Our Guest”, which highlighted the highs and lows of medicine and the medical profession. The program ended with the awarding of the team performances. The Acrobats took first first place for their funky dance routine, with the Fire Breathers and the Magicians as the first- and second-runner ups respectively. The Street Party commenced afterwards, where the different organizations had prepared unique games and prizes. It was a great way to cap off a night of fun and entertainment.


Members of Class 2023 enjoying the Street Party


The ultimate highlight of The Grand Carousel — the Culmination Night entitled “The Final Act” — was held last August 17, 2018, at Patio de Manila, Malate, Manila. The night kicked off with two short games to get everyone in the mood to party. The short program ended with the awarding of the team winners and buddy pairs from the different FOP tasks and activities given over the past two weeks. The Fire Breathers emerged as overall champions, and in second and third place were the Acrobats and the Hoopers. Once the program ended, the members of Class 2023 along with Class 2022 partied and danced the night away, wrapping up a successful FOP 2018.


The winning team for FOP 2018 – The Firebreathers.


The Final Act officially closed this year’s Freshman Orientation Program and marked the end of the recruitment lockout season, allowing different college organizations, fraternities, and sororities to hold events and launch projects within UPCM for the upcoming academic year.


UP College of Medicine Class 2023

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