UPCM Captured by Soundwaves in One Big Phi 2018

By John Albert A. Gonzales (Class 2019)

Last April 2, 2018, students left their transes and books and bonded over a night of music and drinks in this year’s One Big Phi: Soundwave, held at Patio de Manila, Malate, Manila. The event was presented by the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity and Phi Lambda Sorority.

It was an event to remember as homegrown bands of UP Manila, and established and upcoming indie bands in the Philippine music scene alike graced the stage and rocked the hearts of everyone present.

The brods and sisses across all batches, as well as guests from the UPCM community, danced and grooved to the beat, showing that despite the toxicity of medical school and hospital work, there is always time to have fun and showcase their talents.

Hosted by Angelo Aquino and Tootie Lota, both from Class 2022, the event started with band performances and dance presentations of the different batches from the Fraternity and Sorority. The newest batch, DiversiTouch, surprised the crowd with a rendition of the novel rap song, Ex Battalion’s “Hayaan Mo Sila”, and Green Day’s pop rock anthem “21 Guns”.

Phi Band, who won last year’s Fridays at the East, UPCM’s annual battle of the bands competition, performed an electrifying version of Kansas’ “Carry on Wayward Son”.

Other veterans of the group included performances by Phi of Spades, NightPhire Band and Phighttroopers Band.

Aldwin and the Chipmunks from Class 2022 showed their Filipino pride as they belted out classics such as Orange and Lemon’s “Hanggang Kailan” and Bamboo’s “Tatsulok”. The UP Musician’s Organization (UP MOrg) also shared their talents as their bands Fragments and Running Ink performed original songs “Return Void” and “I’m Done”.

The main event of the night were the performances of the musicians of the local indie scene.

First to hit the stage was electronic pop artist BP Valenzuela, daughter of Phi Kappa Mu brother, Dr. Kiko Valenzuela of Class 1985. BP broke through the Filipino music scene in 2014 with her debut single, be/ep and debut studio album, The Neon Hour.

Next on the list was shoegaze band Taken by Cars. The most seasoned among all the bands, Taken by Cars has been in the mainstream since 2007. With hits such as “Uh Oh”, “Neon Brights” and “This is Our City”, Taken by Cars has established themselves as a world-class act.

She’s Only Sixteen graced the stage next. Performing in the local music scene since 2012, the alternative rock band has taken part in major music events in the country such as Wanderland, 7107 International Music Festival, and Satchmi Vinyl Day. Their songs “Magic” and “Favoritism” are hits among Filipino rock fans.

Capping off the night was the distinct folk music of Ransom Collective. Everyone cheered as the 2014 Wanderband winner performed their catchy hits “Fools” and “Settled”.

As the night met its end, everyone went home tired yet happy and taken by the soundwaves. Until the next One Big Phi!


Photo by the Phi Kappu Mu Fraternity.

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