UPCM holds Polaris:MedNight

by Leander Quilang (Class 2020)


The UP College of Medicine held its varsity night-turned-party, titled “Polaris”, at the Patio de Manila in Malate, Manila in the evening of January 26, 2018.

A semi-formal event, Polaris was envisioned to bring the college together in one place where the students could socialize and mingle with each other, as well as providing medical students with a break from their daily routine either in the hospital or the lecture halls.

Polaris wasn’t just a party, as it also served as a pep rally held in support of the College of Medicine’s athletes for the upcoming Palarong Medisina 2018 to be held this February and March.

Organized by the incumbent Medicine Student Council, particularly the Culture and Arts Committee headed by Patricia Gayod and Lharen Barsabal of and hosted by Gayod and Oico Brillante, the party was the first such event in the college in the last few years.

Bands from the college took to the stage to liven up the crowd. First came the Mu Band, performing four songs, “Oo”, “Sunday Morning”, “Ain’t it Fun”, and finally “Mirrors”. They were soon followed by the MSS Band, who then performed the songs “Finesse”, “I‘m Like a Lawyer With the Way I’m Always Trying to Get You Off ”, “Sugar We’re Going Down”, with “Cake by the Ocean” being their last song performed.

The Mu Band

Next were performances by the RSO band and the band of Class 2021. The RSO band did their rendition of the songs “Huling Sayaw”, “Burnout”, “Stay”, and “Akap” by Imago. Class 2021 followed them up with the songs “Prom”, “Gravity”, “Rather Be”, and “Lakambini”.

The last pair of bands to perform were the Phi Band, who performed “Hooked on a Feeling”, “It’s Time”, “Hard Times”, and “Two Trick Pony”. Class 2022’s Band, Aldwin and the Chipmunks then came up, with their setlist including “Huling Sayaw”, “Cruisin’”, “Torete”, and “Treasure”.

The Phi Band

After these performances, the college’s athletes burst on the scene and presented themselves, team by team, sport by sport, as the college gathered as one in this pep rally.

Several awards were handed out at the end of the night, with the Early Bird award going to Dennis Garcia, Best Dressed Award to Nina Domingo and Jam Lazarte of Class 2021, and Stag of the Night Award to Bana Bascuña and Jom Kimpo. The most coveted awards, the MedNight King and Queen, were awarded to Aldwin Baronda and Justin Banez, both LU3 students.

Ben and Ben performing.

To cap off the performances, the popular folk band Ben & Ben brought the house down and performed their latest songs “Leaves” Maybe the Night”, “Kathang Isip”, “Bibingka”, and lastly, “Ride Home”.  

“My thoughts on MedNight are that I’m happy people came and had a good time, since we haven’t had this kind of event in 6 years. I was really scared of how it would turn out since it doesn’t really have a stable following yet as an event, but based on what people said on Twitter, they seemed to have enjoyed it.”, Gayod said. “I think the whole event felt very homey and I’m glad we got to send off our athletes well.”

Photos from Markyn Kho of Class 2020

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