a scintilla of anguish

by Iya de Claro, 2023


When all you can think about

Is the regret and pain you feel

Where you went wrong, you try to figure out

Closing your eyes, you replay the reel


You lay in bed, trying your best to fall asleep

Wanting to see the good amidst the bad

But you know you can’t help but weep

And succumb to the pressure– you go mad


It suffocates you until you can no longer

Inhale the fresh air, even with all your might

And you wish you were much stronger

You struggle, but you just can’t put up a fight


In a swirling vortex of woe and despair you lay

Stuck in a black hole of worry, paralyzed by fear

Staring at the wall, you do nothing with your day

As if no sign of improvement draws near


Don’t you fret, for something gleams

In the darkness that stirs endlessly

It is the glow of your hopes and dreams

They need you to stay strong, so desperately


And after all the sulking and moping

You realize that you are more than this

You are a star, far too great for self-loathing

You are not your misses, but your hits


So you pick yourself up, dust yourself off

Preparing yourself for what the world will throw at you

Ready for the next blitzkrieg, the next standoff

You get out of bed, and start the day anew

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